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How To Paint A House: Top 5 Tips

March 31, 2023 | vietminvietmin | Exterior Painting

Have you ever had the urge to take up a paintbrush and paint the entire house by yourself since the walls are starting to appear overly dull? Moving into a freshly painted and equipped home is one of life’s few genuinely wonderful experiences. Is it not? And who doesn’t adore the scent of newly painted walls, which instantly lifts your spirits?

If you are really considering painting your house, you should proceed with extreme caution since there are many things to be aware of and keep in mind while you apply a fresh coat of paint to your property. You’re lucky! We, the best painters in Upper Hutt, have excellent advice for you. We provide you with the essential home painting advice you need to stay on top of things!

Have A Plan In Advance

Do not begin painting your home in a hurry or without adequate preparation. When determining when to paint your house, there are a few things to think about. First, recognize the seasonal weather trends in your area and decide when it will be dry, without rain, and less humid. Your exterior and interior paints need to dry for the recommended period of time in order to be durable. Before you begin painting, check your walls for any external leaks or water seepage and, if there are any, have a waterproofing solution applied. Keep in mind that moisture and humidity are paint’s deadliest foes.

Keep Your Paint From Drying Out

The paint in a half-empty can will dry out. Fill the empty area in the paint can with golf balls, or store the paint upside down with plastic wrap securely sealed under the cover.

Use The Appropriate Primer

Use a water-based primer when painting fresh drywall to cover flaws and create an even surface before adding colour. Use an oil-based primer if you’re painting water or smoke-damaged walls.

Prevent Lap Marks

Maintain a wet border by painting the whole height of the wall before moving over just a little bit to overlap the last stroke with the next one. This will prevent stripes from being created by rolling over paint that is already beginning to dry.

Employ Digital Colour Codes That Were Created By Computers

Make sure you buy all the colour from an approved vendor’s digital colour codes and obtain it in larger amounts at a time once all the hues have been decided upon to ensure consistency across the area. The likelihood of a difference in the quantities that might lead to different tones on the same wall grows if the colours are manually mixed and must be blended repeatedly in decreasing proportions. 

Clean The Surface Using A Tack Cloth

For perfect results, prepare the surface with a tack cloth before painting or staining. This item is quite affordable. Tack cloth, a cheesecloth dipped in beeswax, gently removes sawdust, wood shavings, and other kinds of waste from your surface. You may avoid putting a damp cloth on the surface by using a tack cloth. In the absence of a tack cloth, a moist cloth may be used; however, make sure to squeeze it out thoroughly first.

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